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World famous Jellied Eels


These are our top 50 most popular items we sell. It is impossible to list everything but we have both British and Continental suppliers so if any of your own favourites are not listed, please get in touch for a price.

Any fresh wet fish or seasonal seafoods not listed will be charged at the daily market rate at time of order. There is a minimum wholesale order of £35. Free delivery within 10 miles of our Maldon (Essex) depot. Thereafter, there is a 50p per mile delivery charge.

Tubby Isaacs World Famous Jellied Eels and Seafood Wholesale Price List

Prices change regularly please check with Paul

Product Packed  Size or Weight 
Jellied eels Per Bowl  Approx 18 portions   
Cockles Bag  1 kg (Frozen)   
Cockles Tub Fresh/Frozen (1 gal)   
Roll Mop Tub 1.6kg  
Pickled Herring Tub 12/22   
Shell-on Prawns Box 5kg   
Oysters Dozen Small/Large   
Fresh Mussells Bowl Sep/Mar   
Crayfish in Brine Tub 900 gms   
Seafood Salad in Oil Jar 2.25kg   
Octopus in Oil or Vinegar Jar 1kg/2.2kg   
Anchovies Garlic Olives Tub 1kg   
Mussells in Brine Bowl 2kg   
Peeled Prawns Bag 454gm/2.5Kg   
Cooked King Prawns Box

1Kg (30-40)/(40-60)

Cooked King Prawns Box 2Kg (10-20)  
Cooked/Peeled King Prawns Bag 1Kg   

Raw Prawns (head on)

Bag 1kg 16/20   
Raw Prawns (head off) Bag  908gms 8/12   
Raw Prawns (peeled) Bag 1kg 13/15 31/40   
Mussells Bag  1kg   
New Zealand Mussells Box  1/2 shell meat only   
Whelks Bags  1kg/2.5kg   
Dressed Crab Each  4/5 or 8/9oz   
Crab Claws Bag  454gms/2.5kg   
Crabstix Box 1kg   
Ocean Pinx Bag  454gms   
Lobster shapes Bag  260gms   
Smoked Salmon Pack  100gms   
Smoked Haddock Box 3kg   
Kippers Box  7lb   
Winkles Bag  2.2kg   
Shrimps (Pink) Bag 2.2kg  
Shrimps (Brown) Bag 2.2kg  
Cod Fillet Box  10lb 8/10oz   
King Scallops Bag  1kg Row off/on   
Sardines Bag  1kg  
Salmon Fillets Bag  5 pieces    
Tuna Fillets Bag  6/8oz each   
Sword Fish portions Bag  8/10oz   
Seafood Cocktails Bag  1kg   
Breaded Scampi Bag  454gms   
Broken Crab Claws Box  1kg (32 pieces)   
Prawns in Filo Tempura Box  500gms (26/30)   
Prawns in Breadcrumb Bag  500gms (26./30)  
Mini spring rolls Box  900gms (50)   
Battered Squid Bag  500gms   
Squid Tubes Bag  1kg 5/6   
Dimsum Selection Box  100 pieces   
Monkfish Fillets Bag  1kg   
Mamz Mamz Bag  1kg   
Plaice goujons Bag  Each   

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