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World famous Jellied Eels

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Four Example Menus

 Menu 1Menu 2Menu 3Menu 4 
 Cockney SpecialSeafood SurpriseSeafood DeluxeSeafood Gourmet
Jellied EelsJellied EelsRollmopsOysters
 CocklesCockles Crayfish King Prawns
 Whelks Crab Stix Peeled Prawns 1/2 Shell N/Z Mussells
 Mussells Peeled Prawns Cockles Octopus
 1-100 £6 head  1-100 £7 head  1-100 £7.50 head  1-100 £10 head
 101-200 £5.50 head 101-200 £6.50 head 101-200 £7 head 101-200 £9.50 head
 201 plus £5 head 201 plus £6 head   201 plus £6.50 head  201 plus £9 head

We offer these four example menus to whet your appetite for fully staffed functions (minimum 100 people). We are of course more than happy for you to mix and match or make up your own. We find most customers serve these as pre-dinner/canepes or in conjunction with other foods at the event. For self-service (supply only) a 50% reduction applies (minimum 50 people). Call us with your needs

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